Wednesday, September 01, 2004

How did I end up with this?

Seriously, how? Because all I wanted to do was post a comment to someone else's blog. And next thing you know, I'm saddled with my own blog. Which is rather curious, because in the last few months, I've been trawling the net, poking into reams of blogs written by folks who seem to be quite ambivalent about whether what they write is a soliloquoy or a pamphlet. And of course I've been tempted to have a blog of my own. But then, I suck at this. All through my teenage years, I made earnest attempts to keep a diary. Nothing profoundly angsty, just dilemmas over men, homework and snooping over classmates. But I could never keep it in any regular use. And so I started and abandoned about a dozen diaries. I know a blog's more flexible, which is what tempts me to give it a shot. And besides, there are times when the friends are tired of the same old fulmination for the nth time and I need to unload. I'll try to inform as well, but I didn't make any promises did I?


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