Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sex is great, but every once in a while a girl needs conversation that stirs up the rustbelt in her cranium. I mean I'm never ever bored in the company of S, and we have very enjoyable conversations and comfortable silences. But all our interests do not correspond miraculously, and he needs buddies to talk about cars and taekwondo, just as I need verbal sparring partners to debate postcolonial literature. Which I believe is great, because I can practically smell the claustrophobia in couples who study the same things in school, had the same kind of friends and then hooked up in a political rally. My friends are incredibly interesting and intelligent people, and talking to them is always fun. But once in a while I need the infusion of fresh experiences and ideas. I really cannot pick too deep with my friends, because we've picked each other over already. We know each other's intellectual, political and sexual preferences.

Hence at times, I go looking for some talk buddies. These last few weeks, I have been emailing back and forth with two guys I found at an internet forum, and it's been fun talking to them about stuff I normally don't get to talk about. Like mixed marriages and what's dismal about what part of Asia. I have a feeling this would peter out in a few months, it is always a strain to keep up email correspondence, and I have friends who haven't written to me in ages. But so far these guys seem lively enough.


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