Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Great. Received a new consignment of perfume samples from lusciouscargo and have tried out about four of them. The one that seemed quite striking was Philosykos. Supposedly, it is supposed to evoke the fig-scented summers on Greek islands. The fragrance most certainly does not smell of figs. At least not like any fig I've ever smelt. But it smells like freshly cut grass, and not your average lawn grass, but wild grass with a dozen wild greens growing amidst it. I loved the smell.

Been wasting a lot of my time on the most absurd pursuit ever. To be aware of the lunacy of something and to persist in it, is this about avoiding something else (like dissertation work, for example) or just utter fascination for a certain quest. Let me explain. I am trying to dig information about my boyfriend's ex. I know other women do it (a few certainly), but I am supposed to be the enlightened one. The one who does not walk down the shallow path of snooping around for info and possible dirt on an ex that the boyfriend seems to be rather fond of. Still. He can't possibly have her though. She's married, and lives in another country altogether (not the one the boyfriend comes from, otherwise his long visits home would be quite contentious). But all his talk of her over the past two and a half years have left me with morbid curiosity. That's just how I am, denial of first hand encounter with someone really piques my desire to know of the person. I did manage to track her phone number down and spoke to her twice, but now I cannot seem to get a hold of her. It really isn't so easy, she lives in a country where comprehension of English is poor, I've had to master a few sentences in the languages just to get across on the phone. So now I'm trying to track down her friends in hope I'll get some information about her, and also be able to get through to her eventually.

Whatever my motives are, and I cannot say that even I fully understand them, I think my quest has yielded me with some great insight into Indonesia, where this woman happens to live. I've picked up so much trivia about the country that I manage to shock bona fide citizens of Indonesia into thinking that I'm some kind of an area studies expert. But the original premise aside, it has been quite fascinating knowing about Indonesia, especially about the Indian influence on its languages (specifically Bahasa Indonesia), art forms, literature, architecture, etc. I find the cheesiness of Indonesian pop culture amusing and find parallels with Indian pop culture. I genuinely wish to travel to Indonesia (independent of any desire to see my boyfriend's ex) and explore the place. Now if that isn't serendipity, I don't know what is.


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