Friday, December 17, 2004

Have to go and see the advisor in an hour's time. Was researching on the net for an effective sunblock. I grew up in India, where fair skin remains an obsession for many women. Was so disgusted by the fair skin worship that I actually tried my damndest best to tan my skin several shades darker. Which means I eschewed any kind of sunscreen when I was in Delhi. Later in LA as well, I would be the only one on the beach without a bottle of sunscreen and would proudly state that my melanin would take care of all the sun protection I need. When I went to Greece, I refused to put on sunscreen and was tanned a dark chocolate brown. The look on my Ma's face when I went to Delhi afterwards was priceless.

But then, Suzy, my source for all cosmetic and health info, sat me down and gave me the skin cancer talk. She told me of the very real risk we run when we go out in the California sun, with its ozone hole and frightening UV ray index scores. I was suitably chastened and ran to the store to get the first sunscreen I could lay hands on, and then proceeded to lecture everyone else about the importance of a good sunscreen. I soon found out that my sunscreen was not worth much, and since have been looking for a good sunscreen. I think I might have found it in La Roche Posay, problem being they don't sell in the US which means I'll have to order online. I guess this is the only cosmetic product for which I'm willing to pay good money.


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Bumped into your blog through another friends. you've got a very un-bengali sounding name, which intrigued me. I know my name dosen't sounds bong either, but it's a pseudonym, actually. Drop into my blog at, where you can find some of my poetical jottings.
untill later,

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I had a similar issue; never used sun screen in India but after I spent couple of summers in the US, I started noticing dark spots on my face. Also had serious sun-related skin allergy when I went to Hawaii on vacation. And then we moved to Belgium, where i again got some skin damage from sun exposure.

Finally visited a dermatologist who said I had sun reactive skin (not sure why it never 'reacted' in India!) and he advised me to wear sun screen ALL THE TIME. La Roche Posay is considered the best, that's what he prescribed. I have been using it for a while now and can clearly see a difference in my skin (i am still dark-skinned, but skin is looking much better).


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