Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ishq aur Mushq (Love and Musk)

It's been such a long time!! Let's see, what happened in the meanwhile? Nothing much, except my existence is edging towards more indolence. Need to take care of that. Discipline's never been a friend of mine, but I guess now I need to reach out. Otherwise, I'd never get anything done. Maybe I should be disciplined in writing the blog as well. An entry every few days. These days, I'm obsessed with perfumes. Yes, I know it is kind of indulgent, but I guess I've always had an affection for them. In India, one of my favourite things to do was go off to Gulab Singh Johri Mal in Chandni Chowk and douse myself with the fragrances. And then of course, I'd sniff myself and never be able to figure out what fragrance came from which glass bottle. But Gulab Singh mostly sells perfume oils, so I guess the blending on my skin produced a new perfume every time!!! My absolute favourite was (and is) Attar Gil (Mitti) which uncannily manages to capture the smell of damp earth, the kind of smell that appears after the first showers of monsoon.

When I first moved to the US, I carried some of my beloved perfume oils with me, but I soon ran out of them. And then, the only option seemed to be to go to a mall and pick up a generic smelling mall fragrance. Which I did proceed to do and purchased a giant bottle of j'adore, which lasted and lasted till I gave it away to my mother. And was so busy that trip that I forgot to stock up on perfume oils. Back in the US, back to another department store fragrance, this time, Poeme. And then, about a month ago I discovered www.makeupalley.com
I discovered an entire world of perfumes out there, made by small specialized perfumeries, that I hadn't known of before. I discovered Serge Lutens. And Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier. And many more obscure names that I would have never known of. This is when I fell into sample mania, ordered a bunch and haven't stopped sniffing myself since.

I know it is all frivolous at one level, but to me there is no difference between perfume appreciation and wine appreciation, with both devoting considerable attention to minutae. Somehow wine appreciation seems to be taken more seriously and held in higher regard, and I have a feeling that this might be a gendered assessment. But anyway, I love wine as much as I love perfume, and as much as I love savouring Kettle chips to the last flavour bite (got to stop the last one if I want to keep my pounds in check). They are all different fascinating aesthetic experiences.


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