Monday, January 03, 2005

I've been reading every scrap of information on the tsunami tragedy on the few websites I visit over the last few days. And then yesterday, I sort of reined myself in a bit. I thought I was getting too caught up in the information aspect of it, too engrossed in the numbers. Perhaps I'm just trying to mask my own helplessness in the matter. Cannot do much, so just try to read the news and remind myself that the people suffering are brown, just like me. I guess I should not get overwhelmed, the business of living becomes altogether impossible then. Anyway, this blog provides vital information on the situation on the ground as well as agencies to donate to. Everyone's doing their bit.

Haven't heard from Azwar though I wrote to him about 5 days back. Hope his family's safe. Didn't know what corner of Aceh they were living in. Hard to imagine what he must be going through.

On another note, had to write a bunch of emails sending wishes for the new year. Last year, I had gone generic with everyone and got roundly criticised by Emil. This year I was a bit more careful, sending personalized emails to closer friends. You don't realise and suddenly there are so many people to keep in touch with, so many to touch base with. I try not to spread myself too thin, but then it is always nice to have several layers of friendships with different types of encounters reserved for different folks.

Spent New Year's Eve in a stranger's house in the middle of nowhere. Not as alarming as it sounds, I mean, the place was in LA County, and I kind of had a vague idea where it was, but it did seem like middle of nowhere when we reached there. And the hostess was someone we had only seen once (in Em's cousin's place) and her claim to fame with the boys was her rather nice ass, which made them very willing to attend her party. It was a fun party, not too intense, but with all our friends. On the way back Em and Suze were drunk in the back of our car, and boogeying to the music. Suze was screaming at me from time to time: "Dance bitch!"

It's the middle of the night and it's raining outside. That's a bit depressing. Actually that's quite depressing. Pitter-patter rain annoys me.


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