Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am nervous. Ever so slightly. I hate driving. Or at least, view the act of driving as an unpleasant chore that should only be performed under extreme duress. Wrong city to live in then, someone might say. But I do love living in Los Angeles, as long as I can use the downtown bus and sweettalk S into taking me somewhere. Which is quite limiting, because I just don't seem to have the urge to jump into the car and drive where I want to. But I digress. The reason why I was thinking of the perils of driving was because I committed myself to a lunch appointment with someone at the other end of town (Long Beach to be precise) and now I have to go there.

The story of how I got to know this guy (who I'm supposed to meet for lunch) is moderately interesting. So back in the day when I was single and sort of working the dating scene a friend of mine bullied me into registering for Salon personals. I had already tried out some Indian-specific dating sites with very disappointing results. I mean, I got in touch with nice men, but they seemed to run out of things to say after a few email exchanges. And most of them were people with very unidimensional lives (work and more work). Anyway, I registered on Salon and emailed some fun people and met some as well (a Jewish actor, a rich Persian-American brat, a writer, a Caltech nerd...) but nothing really worked out beyond the first date (or a couple). I forgot all about Salon and met my S and life was well and all that. But I never deleted my account, for the simple reason that I kept getting emails from really interesting people and it was fun to read about them (and their Salon ads).

And among these emails was one from this guy who seemed to have led such an experience-rich life in different parts of the world. He had worked as a lawyer and then given up his job to travel to Cambodia and then lived in Italy for two years. I had just been to Italy last summer and the South-east Asia connection resonated as well. I told him I didn't want a date, but would love to know him and hence the lunch. And we are going to meet in a Khmer restaurant, which is super fun because I've never had Khmer food before ( I suspect it's an amalgam of Thai and Vietnamese). So I must go.


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