Monday, February 21, 2005

It's been raining cats, dogs, seals and mountain lions. Really, someone up there decided that folks like me who are from monsoon country and live in LA need to have something to tide over their nostalgic longings. This is as close to monsoon as I've ever seen in this country. We've had 4 days of practically non-stop rain. And unlike the pitter-patter winter rain that we're generally accustomed to, these are strong torrents. When my uncle had called a few weeks ago and told me about the bitter cold and rain in Seattle, I felt so smug thinking I wouldn't have to deal with that here. Well, well.

And now all I can think of is munchies for a rainy day. Samosas, alur chop, piyaji.....Must..stop.

Was supposed to take Suzy to the Hustler store yesterday but couldn't reach her. Wonder if she's mad at me. But it really wasn't my fault. Our land phone lines have been behaving like MTNL these few days. Mine was out for two days and I think Suze's conked off as well. Having grown up in Delhi, not having access to the phone for two days doesn't really bother me (and it helps that everyone around me has a cellphone I can use for emergencies). But I remember that a few months ago, heavy rains and storms knocked off the electricity connection in our building for a few minutes. Our resident advisor (who's from Texas) came out of her apartment horrified. She was in utter panic and wanted to know if this happened often, what was going on, is someone going to call public security, etc., etc. I do realise that robbery during blackouts is a very real possibility, but her anxiety was so amusing at that moment.

Of course, not communicating with Suze had the other fallout of not being able to introduce Soto to the Chinese girl in her lab. Which is fun at so many different levels. Soto is technically single, but has a bit of a thing going on with a French fashion designer 10 years his senior which does not involve a commitment from either person. The Chinese girl wants nothing more than a fling, as she's recovering from an old relationship. And Suze has very magnanimously decided to give up Soto after having a crush on him for all of 6 months! It would be a fun meeting whenever it takes place, and I look forward to it.


Blogger Urmea said...

I have no clue who these people are, but isn't gossip fun???
Also, apropos of your comment - I like In'n'Out but discovered that I much prefer Fatburger (gasp! blasphemy :-P). I hope you will talk to me still?

5:12 PM  
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