Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Life's been so uneventful. Haven't been going out much lately. Sheer inertia and also lack of dough. Didn't go clubbing last Friday even though Suze insisted. Hopefully we'll come up with something to do this weekend. I am just not a homebody, I need to be up and about, even if to get something from the grocery store. The gym's a great distraction. But it leaves me so enervated, no desire to work after that. I guess I need to go to the gym late at night so I can wind down after that.

Went with Em to Zankou chicken yesterday. Love the chicken there. Though Em doesn't and usually gets the shawarma. I think our tastes in chicken are mutually exclusive. Actually there is very little in cuisine where Em and my tastes can be in agreement. He is completely averse to all Asian cuisines (and I mean Asian in the American sense, East and South-east) and is very constant in his food choices. He loves going again and again to a few chosen places (think three-Canter's Fred 62 and Zankou) and orders from a limited range (burgers, shawarma, pasta, and meatloaf). It is so predictable, I know exactly what he will order when we go to any of these places.

This is Em's way of bringing stability and tranquility in his life. Five years in the same apartment, the same friends, the same places, the same food. I know exactly what this urge is, because I have it too. The urge to be able to see exactly the same palm tree, road and buildings from a particular point year after year. The desire to always hear the same unchanging laughter and not-understood conversation outside my window. The desire to travel to other lands and yet have a home that is eternal. And yes, by now, LA is home. Which doesn't mean that India or Iran isn't, it's just that it has become possible to parcel out our lives, to exist in different times and places simultaneously and become disengaged from a specific set of memories.

And so Em and I try and create a magical land where our apartment doors always open onto each other, where there will always be "The Simpsons" on TV at 6, a quest for the best-tasting coffee (and a cup a day of the not so good in the meanwhile) and birthdays, and relationship anniversaries, and heartbreaks, and talk of democratic reform and porn stars, computational linguistics, institutionalism and who has the best ass in the building.


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