Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today my advisor managed to rope me in to be a participant in a short programme that's part of an inter-disciplinary initiative in our university. The programme consists of a series of meetings with guest speakers, two retreats and a project preparation and presentation. This is of course totally unconnected with anything I'm doing at the moment, and adds to my workload (which is a painful thought), but when have grad students ever been able to say no to advisors. So off I went, the loyal trooper that I am, to a talk on programmes for the homeless in LA by a very articulate woman who has many years of experience working on the issue. It was depressing to know that those most vulnerable are the ones most likely to end up on streets. Things aren't so different in different worlds after all.

In the evening Em and I went to Trader Joe's. Em insists on calling it the "Hippie Shop", but given the giant Lincoln Navigators that were populating the parking lot, I don't think too many hippies are stopping by anymore. The lady in my afternoon talk was a hippie or at least a 60s liberal, with her quilted jacket made of what looked like sari sections and kurta. Trader Joe's is mostly teeming with hipsters, the sort who drink organic soy lattes and wear "quirky" fashions identical to what everyone else in the store is wearing. I love shopping at TJs because they have many interesting products that are not available at regular grocery stores, have great wine and cheese at very reasonable prices and have the best selection of potato and other kinds of chips.

I was being really good today, because I didn't pick up any dips or chocolates, but couldn't resist their amazing honey mustard hawaiian style chips. Try as I might, it's been hard for me to kick my chips craving. I am good at controlling it though and usually a medium pack would last me at least two weeks (if S has not been digging in). In fact I got a large bag of chips as a birthday present a few years back.
My most favourite chips in the world: Kettle brand crinkle cut salt and pepper chips
TJs Hawaiian style honey mustard chips
Terra chips
My least favourite ever: Pringles, every kind!


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