Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'm not biased towards Asian cuisines!

Yay, I just finished the Zagat survey, although the last page ominously was an error message. Does that mean that I won't get my Zagat guide? They'd better give it to me, I spent an hour meticulously rating and giving comments for every restaurant I've been to that's listed on the Zagat list. When I told Emil that I was rating restaurants for Zagat, he was so horrified. "You are going to make sure Thai and Korean restaurants are top of your list!". Emil thinks I am excessively fond of East and South-east Asian food. He of course hates most East and South-east Asian food, except Malaysian, which for some reason he's really loves. But then, when I compiled my final top five this is what it looked like:

1. Shahrezad - Iranian restaurant in Westwood. The one place where I've eaten the most in LA. The consistency of this place is amazing. Never a bad meal in 5 years! Hopefully never in the years to come.

2. Papa Cristo's - May not be the best Greek food in the world, but certainly beats the competition hands down in LA. And the folks there are so wonderful. And Chris the owner is a great guy, there isn't a soul in the Greek community who doesn't know him!

3. All India Cafe - I know there are those who think All India Cafe caters to the anglo hipster crowd, but I really like the food there. Very fresh flavours, gentle spicing and everything doesn't end up tasting like tomato puree.

4. In n Out - I think there are enough folks out there willing to build shrines to this best burger ever for me to elaborate.

5. Pho 79 - It is healthy, nutritious, incredibly flavourful and costs $5. Is there anything not to love in pho? And then, this place is so close by.

So there, that's only one South-east Asian restaurant in the list. It is not that I don't have other favourites, primarily in South-east Asian cuisines, but these are places where I've eaten repeatedly, and there are other aspects besides the food that appeal to me. So I think I've managed to successfully prove to myself and Emil that I am indeed quite cosmopolitan when it comes to food. I might draw the line on monkey brain, well maybe pig's blood as well. And bull testicles...umm..peanut butter too. Ok, ok, there's a lot I won't eat, but generally speaking I'm quite open to most cuisines.


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