Friday, March 04, 2005

So Mr. Director didn't win. I mean he did, but not in the best director category. We had a fun, fun night watching the Oscars with Urmi, Emil and S. With lots of popcorn and soda. Hollywood and munchies. What a classic combo. And now we've discovered that the family members of some friend of EM know Mr. Director and have been threatening to tell him that she's obsessed with him. She's been begging them not to.

On the other end of the Greek spectrum, Soto ended up going out not with the Chinese girl from Suzy's lab, but with some Ukrainian girl he met at a European mixer. I guess he'd invested some effort in getting know his Ukrainian ex-girlfriend's cultural background and didn't want to waste it. But I think it would have been fun for us if he'd picked the Chinese girl. I mean, c'mon given a choice between an insider's guide to Chinese restaurants or one to Ukrainian food, what would you pick? Apparently this is a Ukrainian delicacy. I rest my case. To be fair to Soto, he was very eager to meet the Chinese girl, but our plans went awry when Suze took off to India without arranging the meeting. But the Ukrainians get a lot of coolness points for their Orange Revolution, and for proving that peaceful democratic change by popular mandate has taken firm hold in the Eastern bloc. The Chinese are yet to pull that one off.


Blogger Urmea said...

LOL, cute stories... Now I get the whole connection of the Oscar night cheering for that director guy :)
What are you up to for the weekend?

4:50 PM  
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