Friday, April 29, 2005

Lost In Translation? Sure as hell I was

So no one bit the bait regarding my Campania essay. Maybe when I manage to scan my Napoli pics, the peeps would have a better idea of what I'm talking about. Anyway, here's a quick post.

Finally watched "Lost In Translation" last night. And again had the smug self-satisfaction of not throwing my money away by watching it at the theatres. I guess folks have figured out by now that I didn't really care for the film, but instead of doing the hatchet job myself, I turn to higher wisdom. I've never been to Tokyo myself, but Peter Green, one of the most interesting persons I've ever met online has, and his take on the film would be infinitely more interesting than anything I can produce. So here are excerpts from Peter's acerbic demolition of "Lost In Translation":

"anyone who hasn't *already* figured out that the central premise of said movie is the blah blah oh-so-effing-predictable bringing-us-ny-review-of-books-reading-whiteys together alienation that occurs when stuck among the oh-so-very alien japanese for a few days would have to be a bit dim, no?"


"what i find very droll is the idea that one could feel alienated inside the tokyo park hyatt. it is the most un-japanese hotel i've ever been inside in tokyo. at Y50,000+/night, you can be pretty damn sure that all the staff are not just bi-lingual, but also very au fait with western ways. in fact, i recall reading interview with manager where he stated that he purposefully hired more *western* staff than would be normal who don't speak *japanese* - precisely to give *japanese* guests/clients a delicious sense of alienation and that they were getting their exclusive money's worth."


"interesting concept that a white man would spend his time in tokyo in the company of a white female too...."


" i recently ran this movie past the japanese harem for comments. the general response was as follows: 'lost in translation' is a self-indulgent western ****. they would rather prefer to watch 'last samurai' again."

(I think the word asterisked out there is probably wankfest, which is a very apt description of the movie)

For Peter's full post, see here.


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