Monday, April 25, 2005

Sometimes, it's Nature, not Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

The wine post will have to wait, as I faithfully record the boring-to-everyone-else-but-me details of my weekend. On Saturday evening, S and Soto wanted to go and see Kung Fu Hustle, a film we had successfully dodged on Friday evening by seeing The Interpreter instead (not sure if it was the lesser of the two evils). I have already expressed my true feelings for martial artists dabbling in levitation, so of course I refused to go. Now we were also supposed to attend a party later that night in Pasadena, so S suggested that I tag along with E-M to go to a Greek restaurant where a common friend was performing, and attend the party with her later.

Great idea, except E-M turns up almost an hour late to pick me and Suze up. And arrives in a gigantic, monstrous Hummer! Well, they're all gigantic and monstrous, but E-M doesn't drive one, and I was introduced to our buddy for the night Costa, apparently a singer who was also performing at the restaurant that night. Turned out Costa is a huge enthusiast of spa and skin treatments, and all four of us excitedly exchanged notes through our trip to the restaurant (kinda funny talking about mud masks in a Hummer, besides Costa is a guy in his early 50s).

The restaurant is a place of true heartbreak, a beautiful space with a lovely patio, adorable eye-candy waiters, but such mediocre, bleh food! But there was wine, and wonderful music and dancing by the gorgeous E-M and the nutcase reincarnate of Zorba the Greek who shall be known as Angel man. He is a friend of E-M and a social acquaintance of S and I, and nothing in our previous encounters prepared me for his utter zaniness. The man danced and danced like he had rubber feet, burst into occasional fits of rapidfire speech, and to top it all, had a furious interest in karma, afterlife and the magical qualities of water blessed by good thought. This latter wisdom he proceeded to unload on Suze, who looked beseiged through the evening.

As the evening progressed our table curiously got more and more full, even as the last remaining guests left the restaurant and closing time came and went. We were joined by the musicians performing that night and 5 friends of one of the musicians. Emil dropped by as well, and was greeted by Angel man with a volley of Greek, and with a very loud "Gia sas" (Cheers), by a very drunk Englishman (raised in the US) who had come with the party of five. At some point E-M got several calls by S, Soto and the party host, wondering what in heaven we were upto. So then we moved on to the party, with Angel man in tow, and hapless Suze assigned as his co-driver. In the party Angel man was in more frenzied form, circling around the room rapidly, springing surpise conversations on very dazed looking guests and hugging everyone in his way. Soto was convinced there was chemical abuse involved, but I have a suspicion that even as a little boy, Angel man was the cause of much dread in his village. You have to be born with such talent to astound.

The rest of the party was spent in Em and me speculating about the sexual orientation of the two hosts and playing the guessing game who are couples and who are not. One of the hosts talked to me in a very flirtatous way, but it seemed so practiced and asexual that it didn't feel like flirtation. But then E-M swore up and down that the guy is a slut who spends a lot of time chasing women. Either he tries to hide his awkwardness with rehearsed seduction or maybe he's not really that into women. Hard to tell. Which makes for a far more exciting world sexually than the stifling straightjackets of straight and gay.


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