Thursday, June 02, 2005

Another laundry list as another week went by

This post will probably be just as barebones as the last one, just to make sure people don't get the impression I've been devoured by piranhas. I'm just a little cyber-challenged in the entertainment capital of the world. And the last few days have been truly hectic. Trying to settle into life in the new apartment, having to share the phone line and the dial up connection with S, who hogs both with a vengeance. Trying to write a dissertation chapter that just refuses to get written.

So today, I dropped off S at the airport from whence he braves an 8-hour Amsterdam layover to go spend two weeks in Greece. Most people would jump at the thought of having an entire day to amble around in Amsterdam, not S, who thinks the hours have been unfairly lopped off from his stay in Greece. The man thinks of summer time in Greece as sacred, so there's no talking him into going anywhere else. I feel a lot more settled than I did last week, so perhaps I'll be able to write more regularly.

I've decided to immerse myself in Greek literature for my leisure reading for the next month or so. And to start, I have a copy of Iliad, which I'll be reading after a bazillion years. Next is Odyssey, and then a massive volume of Odysseas Elitis' poetry. Unlike the dread that "classics" inspire for many, The Iliad is a breeze to read. Which is not to say that the poetry is not amazing in its subtle depths, sophistication and powerful rhetoric. But the picture that it paints is so vivid, so mesmerizing, that it is a compulsive read.

And finally, gossip update:

After five years of dilly-dally and will she-won't she, my friend Beck decided to take a very very long hiatus from her PhD studies to go work in San Diego. Now the long hiatus from PhD usually means no comebacks, but you never know. But as things stand, I don't think Dr. Beck would be an option anytime soon.

And after five years of blood, sweat, toil and tears, Suze is all set to be reunited with her boyfriend in a month's time, and set to finish her PhD in a few months. Great to see both of her desires finally coming to fruition, kudos to her.

Top secret gossip, which I'm apparently not supposed to know and have to play dumb when I meet E-M. But apparently, Mr. Director gave her a call, and no, not with the altruistic motives of giving her a helping hand in the movie business. You see Mr. Director is newly single, and ahem, ahem, looking around quite a bit. E-M has a boyfriend so any monkey business is ruled out. Damn it, there goes my one chance to be interviewed by a gossip magazine as a "reliable" source ("So, did you see them kissing?")!

And such is the status quo for now.


Blogger Vishnupriya said...

heres someone else who couldnt last trough a phd. i think it takes a prtiular kind of mind (hey i made a rhyme). i admire you guys for not chickening out. sigh!

1:12 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Hey, whatever floats your boat. There's no point plodding on with it and being miserable when you'd rather do something else. And believe me, it is not chickening out. I think of it as taking charge of your life, as opposed to delaying the inevitable indefinitely. So congratulations on your courage in doing the right thing!!

1:29 PM  
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