Monday, July 25, 2005

Scrapbook entries for the week

In the interests of personal history, here's a quick recap of the week gone by:

Had dinner with Em and his friend B at Angeli Cafe, which is a fairly nice Italian restaurant at Melrose, but makes the most oppressively dense tiramisu. I had to eat the darn thing over 3 days and couldn't manage more than two spoonfulls each time. Later, as we were driving past Hollywood, we spotted a bit of a common outside Roosevelt Hotel. Thinking that there might be some sort of mini-red carpet going on (perhaps a movie promotion) we decided to stop for some intellectually stimulating celebrity gawking. Hence the pictures in the posts below. Well, no celebrities, but the walk was nice.

This was pretty amazing. I have an Orkut account that I don't check very frequently. Last Friday I received a scrapbook entry that asked me if I attended a certain elementary school in Delhi. Holy schmolly!! That's the school I attended from grade 3 to 5 and when I moved to a different school in grade 6 (where I stayed till 12th grade) I lost touch with all my old classmates. The guy who wrote it seemed only vaguely familiar, but a back and forth exchange of scrap entries confirmed that he was indeed the person I thought he was, the lone other Bong in my class. What incredible coincidence! Someone from my elementary school, whom I had lost touch with, who grew up in almost the same neighbourhood as I, move to the US for graduate studies as well, should find me through Orkut.

And then last Saturday, we celebrated the birthday of Beck's boyfriend, for which they drove up from San Diego with the boyfriend's new found friend ElDorado in tow. A person whom Beck hates, because he is apparently leading the boyfriend down the path of sin, introducing him to all the drinking hotspots and the joys of being young, affluent and single. Almost every girlfriend seems to hate that friend of her boyfriend's, the one who is single and happy and has a fun, busy life, and is a glaring example that life is not a linear passage into long term commitment and nappy changes.

We went to the Pasadena restaurant Tokyo Wako to celebrate, where we had gone to celebrate the birthdays of C (the C in G&C) and Em. Honestly, I don't really care for the place. I don't know if this is because I don't like teppanyaki in general, or just that the restaurant is a very mediocre exponent of the teppanyaki genre (and I've only had teppanyaki at Tokyo Wako). The place is very pseudo Japanese, carelessly kitschy, not intentionally so. The jugglery of the chef with cooking implements and the onion reduced to a flaming volcano adds nothing to the taste of the food, but makes for fun viewing.

Later we went to Em's apartment where we had cake and the Beck's boyfriend got to open his presents, that included two porn DVDs from Beck. Always the best strategy, give a man the illusion that he has all the freedom in the world (Look honey, I even give you porn DVDs to watch!), while maintaining a firm grip on the situation. Beck's a master at this, and so is E-M with her boyfriend. The one who is absolutely hopeless is Suze, who is too edgy and paranoid and wants to control every aspect of her boyfriend's life. I smell trouble, but I'd be damned if I'm the one to tell her.


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