Friday, September 09, 2005

My labours last weekend - erotic cakes and beach bums

So what's been going on lately? Nothing very exciting, oh well, we did have that birthday party for Triangle a few days back (Triangle who? dahling, please read some old posts). So the story of Ana's undying devotion to Triangle has been explained before. Here's more on the story. As always, on a whim Triangle stopped talking to Ana and wouldn't answer her calls. So last Saturday we are lazing at the beach with a bunch of South Bay kids.......

Ohhh......backtrack. I must go chronologically. Before the birthday came the beach afternoon. So as I had mentioned earlier, S and I had gone to this Greek festival where we met this really sweet Greek girl (let's call her CT) who had volunteered for six months in an orphanage in West Bengal. She spoke a few Bengali words and was keen to learn more and we promised to keep in touch. I called her up last week wondering if she wanted to go to the beach over the long weekend (Labor Day on Monday, three straight holidays, yipeee). Instead, she invited us over to join her friends at the beach on Saturday. When we arrived there, we found about 7 other girls and 3 boys, a cooler stuffed with soft drinks, and enough food to stuff everyone. Damn, some people seriously plan their beach trips. And there we were, S and I without even bathing suits, straight from running a zillion errands. Anyway, the bunch of CT's friends were very pleasant. They had mostly grown up in the same neighbourhood, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes (the area including Manhattan and Hermosa Beaches, is commonly known as South Bay) and had met at the local Greek Orthodox Church. The beach was like second home to them.

And it was a spectacularly beautiful beach, I did take some pictures with my camera phone but they really don't do the place any justice at all. I mean, this is the closest California comes to the coastline of Southern Greece (Peloponnese) and the Amalfi and Sorrento coast of Italy. Verdant cliffs almost tumbling into the rich lustrous blue ocean. One of the boys had a Bocce Ball set, a funny game where you have two teams hurling heavy balls trying to get the closest to a little white ball that had been flung at some distance. We played a bit of Bocce ball and at the end of the game, one of the boys managed to fling his ball inside the compound of one of the beach houses. The beach houses here are peculiar, the main house is on top of a cliff, and then there are steps leading down from the main house to a patio or observation deck close to the beach.

So the boy and S jumped in to look for the ball, and one of the other boys commented that S was like a little Greek goat, clambering everywhere. That's a childhood spent scampering and clambering over trees, fences, what not. So as I was waiting outside I saw three adorable little boys with a small stick in the hand of each, poking the ground next to the fence. They kept poking and prodding the fence all the way, and my curiosity was piqued. I asked them what they were doing, and they said they were looking for lizards! So, do you put the lizards in jars? No, we just find them, and then let them go. Strange preoccupation, but then little boys can amuse themselves with the strangest things. I mean, all that poor grasshoppers molested continuously in my grandpa's village by little boys who's only joy was to catch them and then let go.

After the beach, S and I went off on a slow drive up the cliff to be able to see the view of the sea from the top of the cliff. The sun reflected in the water, and blinded the eye of my camera, so of course every picture came out as a blur of incadescent light. But honestly just the amalgam of the sun, the weather, the breeze and the view from the cliff of the calm yet playful ocean is something that is almost impossible to capture on camera. But I digress....

So, Ana then. She called us up when we were at the beach, and told us that Triangle's birthday was the next day and she wanted to celebrate it and had already booked a special order cake. She decided to celebrate it at a venue where they were having a Greek club night special, of course all the Greek regulars were expected to turn up anyway. On Sunday, S and I went over to this place, that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere at night and the way to the place involved passing by the Long Beach power plant, that looked eerie and strangely attractive. The restaurant has an Arab name, Khoury's but doesn't serve Middle Eastern food. The setting is beautiful and it overlooks the Long Beach marina and I'm sure is beautiful during the day as well. We didn't eat dinner, but went over to the lounge section where the Greek night special was being held. And then, the cake was produced. And everyone's jaw dropped when the cover of the cake box was opened. On top of the cake, instead of the traditional squigglies of whipped cream (those are hard to do, I've tried), there was the picture of a naked woman created entirely with decorative icing. Not only was she naked, she was ahem....very vividly displaying both her lower orifice. I actually took a picture, that I shall not reproduce, not because pornography disgusts me (it doesn't), but because I don't have my USB cable to download the pic on the computer.

So then after the naked woman was stabbed all over by the birthday candles, the candles were lit up, Triangle blew them, with a sheepish look on his face, for once completely upstaged by Ana. Once the cake was consumed, everyone started exploring the club, and the one spot where everyone congregated was next to the dance stage to take a good look at the very scantily clad go-go dancers. I had actually encountered the bubbly-twosome in the restroom earlier, both Asian girls with massive fake boobs emphasized by push up bras, wearing cut off boyshorts that left half their derriere hanging out. The girls were fairly mediocre as dancers, but managed to shake their jigglies well enough to keep the folks rivetted. Apparently, later, some drunk boys got into a fight over garnering their attention, and were promptly chucked out of the place. Later as we were leaving, we heard the strains of Greek traditional music, and girls and boys forming small circles as one of them performed the Zembetiko as the others clapped. Some things never change with the Greeks, and every night must end with the melancholy, yet carefree dance of the drunk.


Blogger Urmea said...

Oh my! I on the other hand bought lamps and cooked. Very domestic :(

4:54 PM  
Blogger Vishnupriya said...

we got a cake for a friends bachelor party (well, not actually a bachelor party seeing how so many women were present), which involved a naked barbie doll covered with a sheet of icing. we actually made him lick the icing off. i cant post pictures because he would DEFINITLEY kill me.

2:09 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

@Urmi: So you managed to find your way to the local Cost Plus :)? What did you end up cooking?

@Vish: Was the cake delicious? I was amazed by how yummy the cake was, I guess erotic is the way to go for good quality cakes.

11:45 AM  
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