Thursday, October 27, 2005

Manipur and its Jewels

I have already recorded in this blog my fascination for the North-eastern region of India, albeit under fairly sad circumstances. I have always regretted the fact that I didn't seek out more information about the region while in India, but honestly, there wasn't much that was readily available anyways. I knew a bit about Assam, because I've been there twice (as a kid) and still have family there. But I don't really know too much about the other states, and certainly wish to know more about Manipur, whose art and aesthetics I am incredibly impressed by.

Anthony, who calls Manipur home has very sweetly obliged this pesky commenter and written two wonderful posts about the state of Manipur and its people. I do hope he continues writing about the state, and I would encourage everyone to check them out to know more about the state and its people. A bit of googling of my own reveals this website, which looks like a bunch of fun!

And looking at the pics here, as well as elsewhere on the internet, I can't help but comment on how amazingly beautiful the people of the North-east are, especially the women. I just don't understand why, besides a couple of Assamese models, Northeastern women haven't made a mark on the Indian modelling scene. Is it because there is a strong bias in favour of a stereotypical "Indian" look? If that is indeed the case, then pray tell me what business does Aishwarya Rai have in Bollywood? Anyway, Bollywood and Indian advertising's loss entirely.


Blogger said...

I have lived as a little kid in Dimapur. And was In Shillong also. Been to Kalimpong and kurseong and Bhutan manytimes and North bengal is my childhood maamar baari. Its beautiful ... but things are pretty bad for young people there. All the ammunition for the next Kashmir is right there... no jobs, no opportunities, isolation , simple things like phone and internet are mostly unworkable and young people are educated and huge levels of frustration.

2:57 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Its very nice of you thalassa to write a sweet post on the NE and linking my post. And its very nice again tyhat you are quite fascinated by the people there, but you have biased there, you only said the girls were nice. Guys aren't Bad either ;-)

And hi Gypsynan, its not just the ammunition, it is already another a Kashmir, and then some more. Kashmir gets its attemtion becasue of the Muj and Pak. Ask any Army who have been posted there and Kashmir aboth and you would be surprised that there are more violence in Manipur already than Kashmir.
thalassa said, is a fun site to be in. It is a news site and do try to follow the news too and read the news archive. there has not been a single day when death has not been part of the news. More dead news than TOI carries about kashmir. A whole generation is being wiped out.
For political reasons I didn't ant to write all this on my Blog.

Little things that you take for granted, tat I take for granted when i am away from manipur. I can't even dream fo them in manipur. There is Hue and cry when some Immigrant officer frisk an Indian in USA airport.

I ve been frisked and slapped around, a barrel of AK-47 thrust against my chest, because they I suspected I had hijacked my after's Car just because my fatherlooks very young and don't look my father.

In other aprts of India, policeMen call me Sahib for What I am. Back home, police constable(commandoes) can frisk me or slap me and I can't do anything about it. they can even shoot me. they only need to say I was being suspected of being a terrorist.
Its not safe to keep valuables in the house, if they are found during a combing operation and that happens often, they valuables will be just taken away. no questions asked.

A terrorist might ask you for your Car, to borrow for a day or two. u wll be shot if you don't oblige, if you do more often than not it wil fall into the hands of police and then your nightmare begins. U can be accused of asisting terrorirism, of treachery, and be punished, ur job taken away if u are govt servant. Solution, pay up 50K or more according to ur capacity( read how much u will lose) and take the car with a stern warning. Solution, you had to file a copmplain as soon as car was taken. but if you did that you are dead meat, the terrorist won't like that you see.

its takes a lot of will be remain Happy, but I am.

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Yes, I have heard a lot of the NE too. Actually, had a lot of very good NE friends from college. Lots of good memories.

In Arunachal, apparently the Brahmaputra floods the valleys each year. Then, it recedes back leaving behind puddles of water. You can walk up to them and grab live fish with your bare hands. Not a fish fanatic, but that always sounded so good!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous AB said...

Anthony your stories are scary. I never knewits as bad as that in Manipur. I have friends who are from there but they never said anything.

12:30 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Gypsy, I'm so jealous! You've lived all over the place. I can imagine how frustrating things can be, given there is barely any economic development taking place in the regin.

Oh, I know how cute the guys can be, when I was in college in Delhi, my buddies were a bunch of students from the North-east, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and a few Nepalis. All very handsome!

Anthony, what you described is very disturbing and sad. I do hope that we manage to overhaul our governance to make it more democratic. I remain optimistic, despite the terrible violations.

Pidus, isn't that a wonderful story! And what they say about the Brahmaputra being almost like an ocean is so true. It seems never-ending!

AB, the recent Manorama case is proof enough that things are in pretty bad shape there.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Pinchas Ben-Sashi von Hodi said...

I hail from Assam. The reality of the whole of North-East is much more complex that any outsider could ever imagine (and most of us insiders, either!).

2:04 PM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Pinchas, you as an insider would certainly have a more insightful understanding than us. Care to share?

9:25 PM  
Blogger aa said...

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