Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Sea Meets the Ocean, Not in India Though

One fabulous evening and one lousy day, not bad for a weekend eh. And given the dismal weather in LA (rain yesterday and gloomy clouds today) and a mini professional disaster, the weekend seems pretty good in retrospect.

On Saturday, I attended a concert by Indian Ocean, a wonderful band that started almost 15 years ago with an innovative brand of music that fuses together Indian classical and folk traditions, jazz, rock, other indigenous sounds around the world, etc. I love their music anyway, but I have an extra-special reason to like them. You see, I actually went to college (same course, same section) with one of the band members. And attending their concert meant that I would see him after almost 10 years! In fact, I just realised that he's only the second classmate from college that I've met in the near 10 years since leaving college. And the first one is also a musician, playing with the band Parikrama, a fairly well known band in the Indian college circuit.

So S, Soto and I went to the "other" school (UCLA if you must know) for the concert and we were running almost two hours late! Those who lament the Indian Stretchable Time have seen nothing till they've experienced the Greek liberties with time and punctuality. I am positively Germanic by comparison. There they are blissfully unperturbed about being two hours late for a concert, and I'm fuming and fretting. So we reach the packed hall, and squeeze ourselves into a corner and get the last 40 minutes of the concert. And they were fabulous. Even better live than they sound on CDs, musicians with a lot of passion and soul, truly enjoying the opportunity to play music with each other. After the concert was over, we went out to dinner with the band and a bunch of organizers. Amit and I talked about folks from the class, his life on tour and his new ventures. I really admired his quiet determination, his unassuming personality, and his love for his vocation. And told him that I never thought he'd end up becoming a professional musician!

Yesterday, night S called me while driving home from work and said he had their music on his car CD player (he bought two of their CDs) and said he loved them. Now S is someone who is usually quite indifferent to music, but he does tend to like the folk-fusion type stuff, like Dionysis Savvopoulos in Greece, so this was just the kind of stuff he admired. Here's wishing them the very best, and hoping more people get to hear their great music. So check out their tour itinerary, and if they play in your town, go and hear them. They are truly worth it.


Blogger PS said...

so what did they play, Kandisa? it's fabulous!

9:52 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

PS, yes they did play Kandisa, right at the end. I liked how Rahul had a long caveat about the pronounciation of the song, and how it's changed over centuries because I was totally ready to argue this with them.

See I have a friend who speaks Assyrian aka Old Aramaic, which is the language Kandisa is written in. When I played the song for him, he couldn't understand a word!

3:02 PM  
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