Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dancing Queen, and Bonding over Frozen Gourmet Pizza

Some quasi-revelations that were revealed over the weekend:

There is such a thing as a too fat belly dancer. Sometimes the rolls of adipose completely obscure the delicate abs hiding beneath, waiting to dazzle with their flirty squiggles. And yes, I completely dig the voluptuous woman ideal (eat Hollywood starlets, eat!!), but a mammoth heaving bosom is not always erotic. I say with some relief that my chances of encountering her are very slim, since both S and I vowed never to go to this overpriced, average Moroccan restaurant again.

As an aside, discussing a dancer's girth seems to be a big no-no in Indian classical dance circles. I remember that there was once a furore in the very incestuous art circles in Delhi because a revered dance critic had called a dancer overweight. He alleged that her weight was seriously affecting her ability to dance with grace and agility. She was outraged that he would even think of writing about her weight! Sometimes when I show S pictures and videos of Indian classical dancers, he wonders why some of them look so out of shape. Well, many have become holy cows, institutions that we dare not challenge even though they are well past their prime as performers. So they continue their diva run, hogging concerts, junkets to different countries sponsored by taxpayer money, but lord forbid we question their abilities as dancers. Hey I shouldn't be discussing weight, I need to knock off quite a few pounds myself :(.

Single girls in LA, put together your shopping lists and rush to the Trader Joe's on Third and La Brea. Over the years, the place has acquired a bit of a reputation, that stems from one peculiar phenomenon. You see, Craigslist, the website for local cool has this section called Missed Connections, where a person who saw a stranger for a fleeting moment and was too shy to approach her, can try and reconnect with her. Now what's the connection between Missed Connections and Trader Joe's at Third and La Brea? Well, apparently the maximum Missed Connection posts are about sighting a stranger at this particular Trader Joe's!! This has not only served to increase the customer base at this Trader Joe's even further (hence parking's an even bigger bitch), but has led to much hilarity on Craigslist, which you can read here, and here.

So this evening when we had to decide which Trader Joe's to go to for our grocery shopping I voted for Third and La Brea, simply because I was curious about the "scene". The place was packed, and it was a pain to navigate a shopping cart, and guess what, it was smarming with single men! E-M and I debated if the number of single men were normal for any grocery store, or if this particular store attracts a larger share of single men. Whatever it was, single male shoppers outnumbered single female shoppers at least 3-1. And girls in LA still sip their designer vodkas and wonder where all the cute men have gone. Jeez dahlings, to Trader Joe's of course, to shop for their fat-free soy milk and organic basil! So I'm happy to direct all complaints of unfulfilled romantic and sexual longing in the direction of Trader Joe's. Get some eye candy while you cruise the aisles for some sugar free organic ginger candy.


Anonymous anthony said...

Wish there were also graduate students shopping for grocery here ;-) ..

I looked up the chives, google pic threw up some images that look alike but some other images that were very diff. I managed to get the Scientific though and there are two very coomon herbs that we use everyday. Both are from Allium familae... the same family as Garlic, onions etc.. No wonder they leaves look similar. We use a root of one particular herb as well, you shoudl try Macher Jhol with those. We never give onions in Fish Curry and they taste good. Ask any Bengali who had fish at manipur :-)

4:03 AM  
Blogger K said...

America does strange things to people!!!!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Essar said...

Oh my god - you hit the nail on the head - some of these Indian classical dancers REALLY need to lose some weight! Plus they need to be taught the concept of retiring gracefully. I know of this incident, when one of these really old kathak dancers was doing that round thing (tig dha dig dig thai) and next thing you know, her dentures had neatly popped out and were grinning from her hand. God, it was such a riot!

6:55 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Anthony, thanks for looking it up! I'll try and see if I can locate the herbs here. My best bet would be a Chinese market. Why don't you write up the recipe for Manipuri Machher Jhol? And do photograph the herbs :).

K, which part are you referring to, wishing that belly dancers would shape up, or the fact that people actually cruise grocery stores to pick up dates :)

Essar, that is so hilarious!! I can barely imagine the scene, brave dancer carries on regardless, dentures in hand, mouth agape!! But seriously in performing arts, mere eminence is not enough.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Oh yeah! The Missed sections and I Saw You sections are hilarious! There is a weekly newspaper here, which basically has the same section as I Saw You. It's some quality time reading over a cup of coffee :D

Hmm... I like Trader Joe's. They have all these exotic things that you want, as a guy, to put in your recipes so that she can't guess what's in there. Besides, you can also state it's organic and has all the good numbers, nutrition-wise (all of them score). Also, there's less of the good things. Less choice compared to a bigger store like Whole Foods. Easy in, easy out! My $0.02 :D

8:04 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

Hmm Maritime Logistics.. I had some core papers, cases on APL and P&O. In fact, some of my batchmates are in P&O and Maersk. And since its very unlikely that there would be Monster Aircrafts carrying crude or other Merchandise, Maritime Logistics is a very wise choice of specialization.. U would be surprised, John Deere didn't know how to pack their tracters in the containers came for consulting to our institute once. Somewhere I shifted into financial services and consult IT for insurance companies nowadays.. ;-) though I dreamt of designing superfast Container ships on the lines of Vikings Long Boats for better turnaround. or Patenting my Idea of collapsible Containers so that ships don't transport airs when they return from countries in the Mid east which are Net Importer, I could buy out the govt of Manipur with the Royalty

8:21 PM  
Blogger anthony said...

and I have confirmed that the herbs are available in most China Towns. The herb looks like Chives only. I usually have a strong sense of smeel so i smell them. I even smell mustard leaves to see if they would taste good :-)

8:22 PM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Hmm..Pidus, who knows, maybe all those guys outnumbering girls 3 to 1 are working on the same logic. Girls dig organic :)

Anthony, designing containerships is really cool. Landside delays (at ports) rather than ocean travel time is a bigger concern in the industry.

There is actually a lot of work being done on collapsible containers, since the US has a huge problem with empty containers being shipped back to East Asia. Many different designs have been patented for reusable and collapsible containers. But it's amazing that you came up with the idea all by yourself.

The maritime logistics industry really took off in the late 1990s and is still doing really well. In case you're looking for alternative careers :).

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Sanity Starved said...

Well, the girls around me have always been very good cooks. So, it's good to have a Trader's Joe where you get these exotic things. You see, the only way I can get someone to say my food is good is when they can't figure out how! Also, you won't eat my food if I ever told you what went in it. But, the good packaging of Trader Joe's also helps divert attention from the actual contents :D

But, yes, the only organic thing I like is milk, and that's because it tastes a lot more like the milk I am used to.

12:04 AM  
Blogger anthony said...

I guess thats where u come in urban planning..

But except for the ports, I can do very little about the land side delays which are mostly infratsructural, unless I become a Dictator and so My choice for a faster Ship ;-). companies that deal in perishables would pay huge premiums huh..

But I am beginning to get a fair idea of what urban planning must be. sounds very interesting..

n i have always been an ideas man not much of implementor, so consulting hehehe

1:10 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Pidus, I draw a line at monkey brains. And a few other things. But I can imagine guests who are far more picky.

Anthony, the landside delays are due to tardy operational practices as well as infrastructure glitches.

And I doubt you can force any shipper to pay huge premiums, even if you're a biggie like Singapore, HK, LA/LB or Rotterdam. When Maersk got tired of Singapore's delays and high fees, they simply shifted all their operations to Tanjung Pelapas in Malaysia.

2:08 AM  
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