Sunday, June 10, 2007

I So So Want One

I am in total and absolute lust and lemming this gorgeous piece of technology:

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Last week I attended a conference on mobile technologies (my own research is very, very incidentally related to this) and ever since my brain has been crammed with a zillion strange terms like 3G, W-CDMA, EDGE, Wi-Max, UMTS, etc. that I'm trying to familiarize myself with. It's exciting to even be a peripheral participant in a fast evolving field of technology because there is such a palpable excitement about new developments and innovations.

And besides I can definitely see myself showering gizmo-love on mobile phones and computers. Plasma TVs and Playstations - eh, not so much. In fact, taking up employment in the business and/or logistics side of a mobile technology company sounds like a really good idea at this point.

Initially, I was made aware of a world beyond the generic American mobile phone market (I know people who think Razr is cutting edge.....sigh) when I spied the beauty that is the Panasonic 702iD in a participant's hand. Alas, the phone is built to specs for NTT DoCoMo in Japan and I couldn't find a version for sale to the US anywhere (even a locked version is fine because I'd unlock it anyway). No point envying the Japanese, their mobile phone market is just leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world.

But then as I was reading up on 3G technology and phones I came across the one pictured above, the one that makes the iPhone pale in comparison. The Nokia N95 is sheer genius, but at nearly $800 at present, it's merely something to aspire to at this point. Perhaps if I wait this out a year or so, a drastic price cut may not be unlikely. But given the way technology moves, i might be lemming something else at that point. Well at least it's not something totally ridiculous like the Prada phone by LG, which is also priced at a bank-breaking $800.

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Blogger Bombay Addict said... the risk of sounding pompous, etc...I own that one. I just, just, just had to get it (early-adopter, etc). I can tell you it is cool. Expectedly, there are issues (the price) but what the heck. Now...if only Nokia could think of some better colors. The ones they released here in Bombay (dark pink and beige) are really sad.

10:11 PM  
Blogger K said...

I used one pre-launch (making do with a N93i right now), but before the GPS function was activated in India (excise duty issues!) but it is a fantastic device, the only thing that keeps it from whipping Apple fanboys is the lack of a touch-screen. But I have peered into Nokia's future, and the future looks pretty good. But yes, I agree with Akshay, the colours suck - dark-pink can politely be referred to as 'baingan'!

1:20 AM  
Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

How about the Nokia E90, tech-person?


2:14 AM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Bombay Addict, no, not pompous at all I assure you. But I do envy you so much! Just cool? Not mindblowing? By the way, does your service provider offer the services to match the phone's capabilities. Yeah pink and beige sound sad, but I'm sure the features more than make up for the colours.

K, you got to use one? Now I'm jealous of you too! The N93i is great too. It's on my list of phones to consider upgrading to.

GPS and excise duty issues? Do explain.

Despite the Apple fanboy adoration, the touchscreen isn't really such a big deal, except to teenagers. Apple seems to be a bit confused with iPhone - they don't know if they are marketing to the business crowd or to teens.

Oh Nokia's future is very bright, very unlike the Siemens collapse. They are really riding the top of the wave at the moment. The Finns, who would have thought!

JAP, hardly a tech person here. But the E90 sounds great too, it's more of a business phone than the N95, which has better imaging features. If I was receiving and sending a lot of data through my mobile device, the E90 would be an excellent choice.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Rimi said...

Have you seen the N95? I had sterling intentions of saving up for it, till I realised that just was not going to happen. But 5 megapixels and Carl Zeiss lenses I can carry in my pocket? Hell yes.

I'm not sold on anything else on a phone really. For me, all that matters is a large enough memory and imaging. I'm one of nature's sneak photographers. Just my luck to have my borderline doable cameraphone stolen :-(

Incidentally, would you believe it, it's only today that I can see all these old posts dating back from the end of May? Grrr!

8:41 AM  
Blogger Bombay Addict said...

Thalassa - the difference between cool and mind-blowing is the color. I don't know what color would've looked good on the N95, but these surely don't.

While the gizmo freak part of me was totally kicked when I held the phone for the first time, the rational part of moi was relieved that they've resolved problems that plagued the N80 to the point that it flopped.

The video quality is top class and so is the still image quality (provided, of course you don't become too adventurous and try for night shots or other stuff that IMHO mobile cameras are not made for).

The GPS is the biggest feature of the phone - it just floored me (it works seamlessly in Bombay, provided of course, you have the patience to wait for about half an hour - only for the first try - for it to connect to the satellite).

The sound quality is quite good, but then how often do you hear music on your cell phone speakers. Yet, connect a good headset and the sound is still excellent. Ah..and this time they have room for album art.

Finally, a TV out (for playing your video direct to the TV) and a USB port (instead of those random slots they had earlier) are things that..well...aren't exactly worth a Nobel Prize, but thank God they did it.

Arre haan..I remembered now - Net surfing is on another level. Great browser, feed-readers, etc...and they all look great on a large screen.

Shit..Nokia should pay me for this. Sorry, if I've OD'ed.

PS - and yes, the service provider gives me everything. Which is not much, except the GPS, because you just connect to the Net for everything you want (for eg. last night I was watching YouTube's top videos). Now if only they could do something about the speed.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Bombay Addict said...

@ K - er...if you were referring to me in your earlier comment, I'm not Akshay!

10:09 PM  
Blogger Azahar Machwe said...

umm no one remembered to mention the crap battery life on the N95 which probably negates all the features people are going crazy about! :)

After all it IS a phone therefore you SHOULD be able to make calls from it whithout bothering about battery life.

Touch screen is a very important feature. Once you get used to a touchscreen you will never feel like going back to a numeric keypad. Another thing missing from most high end nokia phones is a full keyboard.

One can't understand what nokia people are thinking. They give you a blackberry like phone but no touchscreen! When it comes to high end phones SE have been the pioneers with the P series.

Now the new Apple I phone is creating quite a wave.. I just wonder how usable will it be for normal folks who are rushing about here and there...

5:17 PM  
Blogger thalassa_mikra said...

Rimi: Haven't seen it in person, but looks smashing in the pics. Yeah the Zeiss lens is huge attraction for me, heck even my digicam doesn't have a Zeiss lens!

Bombay Addict: Thank you so much for your review. It just sounds like such a dream phone. For me browsing and 3g services are very, very important in my next phone upgrade, which is why I'm saving up.

Azahar, sorry hon, no can join the iPhone love parade. Frankly, the touchscreen is a liabilty rather than an asset for me. I've used touchscreens and I infinitely prefer keypads.

And when I spoke to folks at the tech conference, most seemed to prefer keypads as well. The keypad works better for a business phone. Touchscreen is better for a cool phone.

10:38 AM  

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